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This entry lacks etymological details. Should you be aware of the origin of the expression, remember to increase it into the site per etymology instructions. You may as well examine it in the Etymology scriptorium.

You may place any backpack in your personal backpack slot. Per default push sneak and B to open up the GUI.

sick bag, sickbag - a bag offered on an plane for travellers who're struggling from airsickness and need to vomit

container - any object which might be used to maintain points (Particularly a substantial steel boxlike item of standardized dimensions that may be loaded from just one form of transport to another)

→ حَقِيبَة taška taske Tasche τσάντα bolsa laukku sac torba borsa かばん 가방 zak pose torba bolsa, saco сумка väska กระเป๋า ถุง torba túi 袋子

schoolbag - a bag for carrying university books and provides; "uncovered just the proper dictionary to suit into his schoolbag"

steal - choose with no owner's consent; "Anyone stole my wallet within the practice"; "This writer stole complete paragraphs from my dissertation"

A bag (also regarded regionally as being a sack) is a standard Resource in the form of the non-rigid container. Using baggage predates recorded background, with the earliest baggage being not more than lengths of animal skin, cotton, or woven plant fibers, folded up at the perimeters and secured in that shape with strings of the exact same materials.[one]

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6. just about anything that hangs loosely, sags, or is formed like a bag, for instance a free fold of skin beneath the eyes or the bulging Component of a sail

bag - the quantity of game taken in a selected period of time (generally by a person man or woman); "his bag integrated two deer"

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reticule - a girl's drawstring handbag; usually manufactured from Internet or beading or brocade; Utilized in 18th and nineteenth centuries

On days when you are touring very long distances or just want to satisfy up with buddies with out carrying your entire existence with you in the pocketbook, a multipurpose wallet can maintain several items and provide many functions, getting rid of the need to have one hundred other objects along with you. 

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